Information for Individual (Non-Business) Recycling

Do you represent a business? If so, see our main page.

We (Recycling Group Ltd.) are not associated with the people who pick up recycling bins in front of houses. We are a private company and not related to public recycling services. We do not serve individuals, only businesses.

If you are an individual and need recycling help, see the information below.

Need Recycling Help?

Did your recycling bin not get emptied on trash day? Are you unsure what you should and should not recycle? Do you just need to contact a real person to resolve your recycling issue?

For Hamilton County, check out the Hamilton County Recycling website. They have an FAQ as well. To reach out to them, visit their contact page.

The City of Cincinnati also provides this list of public recycling dumpsters, general recycling info as well as a contact page.

For Rumpke, you can request service, visit their contact page, or learn about residential recycling.

If you are an individual and you call us with recycling issues, we will not be able to assist. We are not equipped to make house calls. Also since we are not associated with public recycling services, we will be unable to answer your specific recycling questions.